Welcome to the homepage of Animator Clive Shaw. I live in Southwark and seem to make a habit of featuring bears in my films. I like them.

I have just graduated from BA Animation at Middlesex University. Before college I worked in Graphic Design at many leading London Studios and Agencies.

I combine mixed-media stop motion with After Effects and Photoshop. I will upload sketches, photos and preparatory works to show my working methods and forthcoming projects in the Works in Progress section. I love 2D animation and strive to make both visually seductive and emotionally engaging short films. If you enjoy them or have any suggestions, please add a comment.

Please look at my latest (post-college) animation for Festival Delle Lettre 2012 (Italian Literature Festival). Book tickets to see my graduation film (along with Festival Delle Lettre fellow film-maker Prano-Bailey Bond)  at LSFF 2013, see here for details!

My previous film won Shooting People Film of the Month, September 2011. I was selected by Matt Groening! I have no idea how I’ll top that, but I know my films are already better!

“Clive Shaw’s almost dialogue-free “Girls and Boys” plays like a funny and slightly disturbing dream. I love it when animation does this, cramming quick jokes and reveals in a short amount of time. The memorable music by Jude Cowan and Matt Armstrong support the weird goings-on, and make the cartoon great for multiple viewings. Well done!” – Matt Groening

  1. Morgan said:

    I just watched it. It was funny and almost a bit scary, just in the way it was kind of odd. Very good.

  2. michael said:

    I thought it was amazing. Reminded me of that odd feeling that Anthony Browne’s books (like Gorilla, Piggybook) used to give me as a kid. Well done.

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