Woah! It’s nearly time for London Short Film Festival’s screening of True North (see below), so book your tickets here: see you there!


This made my week! My graduation film, ‘True North’ is appearing in a ‘New Shorts’ evening as part of London Short Film Festival 2013. Massively happy they chose my still to promote the event, can’t wait! Book early to see it on the big screen! Here’s a screen grab from their site:


Stills from ‘Mi chiamo Giovanni’

I have just completed a five minute ‘Video Letter’ animation for the Festival Delle Lettre 2012. It’s the longest film I have designed and animated so far. I completed the work in under a month, including drawing the backgrounds, filming and rotoscoping another Giovanni (my good friend Giovanni Ferrari for the central character). And I even get to go to Milan in October and enjoy the screening first hand.

The brief was to complete a short film from a letter supplied by the Festival. The author, Giovanni, expresses his anguish, his powerlessness and desperation in the face of the economic crisis in Italy. I have Philip Ilson from London Short Film Festival to thank for securing me the commission (‘Girls and Boys’ was screened at LSFF 2012).

I recorded the beautiful piano accompaniment by Peter Mayall, in the Great Hall at the Abbey at Sutton Courtenay on a rare, scorching hot day earlier in the Summer. The voice over will be completed in Milan, I will post the completed film following the festival.

The first screening starts at 6.30 pm on October 11th, at Auditorium Gruppo 24 ore. The second screening is at the closing event at 4 pm on October 14th, at Dal Verme Theatre. See the website for full details

Little taste of my 4 minute Middlesex University graduation film. ‘True North’ – a tale of a man and a bear by Clive Shaw. I’m submitting the film into Film and Animation Festivals across the World. It’s a tough process, so wish me luck! I have to keep the full film away from the World Wide Web etc if I want any chance of Festival success, so please be patient.

My two-minute (and a little bit more) animation, second year BA Animation at Middlesex University. Voted September (2011) Film of the Month at Shooting People by Matt Groening.

Biggest thanks to Jude and Matt for my music and for Harry Wingfield and Ladybird Books for the inspiration. A personal triumph for me, with an appearance in my hometown daily paper, the Liverpool Echo! and becoming Londoner of the Day in the same week!

Screened at Cornwall Film Festival 2011, London Short Film Festival 2012, and in the beautiful tent at Lost Picture Show 2012